Southern Yellow Pine

Our technology is designed to provide the most transparent flow of information from the log yard, straight to management, and then on to the customer. Our data collection and information management system is second to none.

First, logs are cut to length using the latest in CTL technology in order to provide the most accurate cuts possible. Logs are then measured using the Haglof digital caliper system. Length and diameter data is collected and logs are tagged with unique bar codes. Logs are placed into inventory and JAS cubic meters are calculated automatically.

Once the logs are loaded into containers, each log is bar code scanned and its number and volume placed into that container. The system automatically produces log lists and invoices for our customers, which are available online at the end of each production day. We make sure that our customer orders are filled with timeliness and precision, and that data is available to them before the containers are even loaded into the vessel.

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